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excerpt from
1993: It's a Wrap

(Originally printed the Los Angeles Reader, Dec. 31, 1993)

By Michael Frym

Like everything in life, theater is the sum of its creative parts: publicists, producers and artistic directors, critics, directors, actors, and a miltitude of others.  Everyone has a perspective of what's right and wrong with the local theater scene.  Not surprisingly, this fraternity shares the belief that "the show must go on," despite the odds.  Here's what L.A. theater's shakes and movers think:

...Producer Joe Stern emphasizes the necessity of chutzpah for success:

I think that the problem is still the same - which is there is no funding, there's no place to go.  And so, after all these years, no ninty-nine-seat theater has expanded.  As long as there's the Waiver, actors will "get a barn" and "put on a show."  I think the problem is there's no commerce, there's no expansion.  No one has put their money where their mouths are.

There has been a great impulse in this community by a lot of actors to somehow get back into the theater.  The problme is that no one steps forward - they don't take the next step.

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