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"One of Britain's truly great actors holds court in this intimate theater setting. Brian Cox is mesmerizing as a vitriolic critic whose midlife crisis takes him, first on a love-struck, wine soaked bender, and then into a new and quite unexpected dimension. His performance of Conor McPherson's one-man play is dynamic storytelling." - In Theater Magazine

"Cox takes command of the stage and delivers a performance registering with both intensity and hilarity. Spending 90 minutes in the company of such an actor at the top of his game... is a privilege." - The Hollywood Reporter

"...As vividly a realized theatrical experience as anything now available... Mr. McPherson expands the scope of the stage to almost novelistic dimensions."
- Vincent Canby, New York Times

"Brian Cox has the audience in the palm of his hand. Not for a moment does he or the play let our attention drop. St. Nicholas has mystery, mischief, humour, suspense, surprise... wholly riveting!" - The London Times

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